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At Bites, we believe in helping our local producers. Our raw materials are 90% locally sourced, by locally sourced we mean the distance between suppliers and our site is kept under 150 km individually. Locally sourced also has some benefits: 

We reduce the distance and therefore energy to transport our raw materials which means fewer carbon footprints and greenhouse gases emission. We also focus on giving back to the environment, which is why our factory is the greenest factory in the area with up to 100 trees planted and we are using reusable energy whenever we can. We also store most of our raw materials in tanks which means no extra packaging is involved in storing our raw materials.

Local Economy
By purchasing local materials, we are helping our community to thrive; with money staying in the pockets of local instead of being spent on buying goods abroad. Keeping the local economy healthy aids in offering new opportunities for businesses and therefore jobs.

Food Quality
Having a local producer means we increase the ability to choose better quality of our materials. Preservatives can also be avoided because of sourcing locally. We focus on our food quality since it is one of the important traits we want to keep for our customers. 

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