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Do These 5 Little Steps, and You Can Save the Earth!

Lately, the rainy season has started to dominate. The cold weather makes everyone want to pull the blanket up and continue the day by lying down, right?

Even so, the sun still took the time to greet us when the rain had stopped. And at that time, we have to get out of bed to continue our activities.

But, when leaving the house, there is a smell that approaches us. The very annoying smell seems to come from leftover food that has been thrown away and piled up in the trash.

Food waste in the trash may seemed "less" and will not cause any problems other than the smell around it. But Bappenas data said differently. Food waste in Indonesia for the period of year 2000 - 2019 reached 23 - 48 million tons!

It is possible that the amount of food waste will continue to increase every year. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation stated that post-harvest treatment, digital agriculture innovation has the potential to tackle food loss and food waste.

The good news is, we can also help save the earth even only from our homes in the following five ways:

1. Making monthly grocery shopping

2. Do meals prep every week

3. Take enough food

4. Be aware to the expired date on packaged foods

5. Do the "first in first out" system in every cooking raw material stored in the kitchen or in the refrigerator

It's easy isn't it? Sometimes we never realize, the small steps we take on ourselves can have a big impact on the environment. Let's start from now.

Written by : Astri

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